Thursday, February 23, 2012

All of the planned pages are now published and available for review and comment.  Additional photos will be added to the album for the sake of completeness from time to time.

Comments are appreciated, especially if you have alternate thoughts or criticism.

An example is shown below:

This image was offered by Tim, ,who sees a turtle in this image of our Valentine cairn.  You have to check out his site to understand...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mills-Mounds Blog has been launched with in hope that through conversations with others interested in piles of rocks,more will be learned about features found on our land.  It is mis-named as a MOUNDS topic, when in truth the subject is about rock piles, or cairns.  In ignorance, I have been using "mounds" for years, even though there is not a single sign of any soil in the structures here.  The revelation of my error came too late to change the name.

The Mills part comes from the presence of historic gristmill on the property.

So, welcome to the blog as it develops. You are encouraged to offer any clues that might help us understand who built these features and why.