Saturday, March 31, 2012

Start of Excavation

Cairn #5 has been selected as the first candidate to excavate.  It has the most characteristics of a Native American cairn: relatively flat topography, comparable size, and near the brow of a water overlook.  It is also undisturbed.

All of the volunteers (none) showed up, so I went to work as though I knew what I was doing.  About 1/4 of the overlaid stones have been set aside by this afternoon.  Just as I was removing the last one, I discovered an omen that suggested I should stop for the day.  Under the last rock was a copperhead snake coiled into a snug space.  It was not disturbed by all my prior noise and bustle, nor by my removing its cover.  Even a gentle prod on its head and body did not encourage it to vacate, only deserving of a flicking forked tongue.

Since I was plenty tired already, I judged it was a good time to knock off for the day.

Nothing promising was found in today's efforts, even though the northwest quadrant is down to the extant grade level.  Time to build the sifter...

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  1. Excavating a mound, though a fascinating prospect, is actually an immoral act. You are destroying the artifact, and possibly disturbing a grave. Do you plan to put it back exactly as it was?