Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dig Progress Report #3

No big finds, thus far.  The major effort continues to be around the central stone, on the chance that artifacts have fallen off it.  The ring around the stone is now exposing 4 to 8" of the central stone.  Today was the first encounter of clay-like soil, much lighter in color than the leaf litter encountered up to this point.  The north side has been excavated the most, which is where the clay was found.

A second stone of the same approximate size has been identified in the SE quadrant.  A portion of which extends to the edge of the original structure.  This stone remains to be cleared of the overburden of cobbles.

Sorting the removed debris with 1/4" screen has yielded chips of sandstone, but nothing else.  No chert at all has been noted.  If there is any pottery shards, they are smaller than 1/4"!

A positive development is the interest of a local historian scholar, who has previously visited the site.  She is inclined to think the cairns are prehistoric, in the absence of any historic record that she can find.  She reports a lead on another cairn group recently identified, about 20 miles north of our site.  At least it is something else to investigate for a possible connection.

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